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St. John's Church, Calcutta (Kolkata)

Located at the North - Western corner of the Governor House (Raj Bhavan) lies the St. John's Church. Built in 1787 St. John's Church is the third oldest church in Calcutta (Kolkata) only next to the Armenian and the Old Mission Church. St. John's Church served as the Anglican Cathedral of Calcutta (Kolkata) till 1847 when it was transferred to St. Paul's Cathedral.

Built by architect James Agh the St. John's church is built with a combination of brick and stone and was commonly known as the "Pathure Girja" (Stone Church).

The St. John's Church contains beautiful marble bass relief work. wood curving, stain glass and paintings including Joffani's famous Last Supper.

The St. John's Church compound also contains several other monuments including Job Charnock's Tomb, The controversial Black Hole Monument,Rohila War Memorial and several graves including that of Lady Canning.

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