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Located 75 km from Howrah on the Bandel – Katwa rail line Guptipara is an interesting mixture of history and culture.

Guptipara is the home of Bengal's first community Durga Pujo and the first branded Bengali sweet (Gupo Sandesh). Guptipara is birth – place of legendary folk singer Bhola Moira and last but not least a fantastic Terracotta Temple.

The temple complex at Guptipara houses four Vaishnava Temples, namely Chaitanya, Brindabanchandra, Ramchandra and Krishnachandra. Out of which Ramchandra Temples contain some fantastic terracotta works.

Guptipara was a citadel of Vaishnavite culture. Even today, residents observe Ras, Dol and Rath with great enthusiasm. Rath – jatra is Guptipara’s greatest festival. The Guptipara rath, one of the tallest in West Bengal, is said to cover the second longest distance (Only next to Puri). On the day before the Ultorath a festival known as Bhandarloot is observed in Guptipara.

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