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Sukharia, a non – descriptive village between the railway stations of Balagarh & Somra Bazar on the Bandel - Katwa line. Sukharia has the distinction of housing some of the finest temple architecture of Bengal.

Sadly most of the temples are in an utter state of neglect and are on the verge of collapsing. A few have been rebuilt into modern structure, which neither represents the grace or beauty of their historic counterparts.

But in spite of all odds Sukharia can provide an interesting insight into the diversified aspect of Bengal’s temple architecture.

The 25 pinnacled Ananda Bhairabi Temple is the prime attraction of Sukharia. Hara Sundari Mandir,Siddeshwari Kali Tempe and Nistarini Temple are the other main temples of Sukharia.

Apart from the temples Sukahria is the lunching pad for the popular picnic spot of Sabuj Deep (Green Island). Boats are available from Sukharia for Sabuj Deep, a river island located at the middle of the Hooghly River.

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