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Dasghara is a non - descriptive village 12 km north of Tarakeshwar in the Hooghly District of West Bengal.

The history of Dasghara dates back to the 18th century. It was during this time the Biswas family of Dasghara constructed several temples including Rashmancha & Dolmancha and last but not the least a huge mansion.

The oldest of these temples is the Gopinath Temple. Built by Sadnada Biswas the Gopinath temple has the distinction of housing some of most preserved terracotta panels in whole of West Bengal.

The architectural wonder of Dasghara is not complete with out contribution of Bipinkrishna Roy, the stevedore of Calcutta Port.

His huge mansion with its towering clock tower, Raj Bhavan styled arched gateway and European style landscape garden with marble statues stands (although in ruins)to this day reminding one of the glourious days of Dasghara.

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