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Bowali is a non - descript village near the industrial town of Budge - Budge in 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal. Today Bowali is well connected from Amtala on The Diamond Harbour Road.

From the late 18th century to the mid of 19th century several temples were constructed by the Mondal's of Bowali turning the non descriptive village into a temple town. Apart from the massive temples the Mondals of Bowali also constructed several mansions in European style turning the village into an interesting architectural mix.

Sadly most of the temples of Bowali didn't survive the test of time. Human neglect and forces of nature have reduced most of this age old temple to dust. A few which have miraculously survived the test of time are on the verge of collapse.

Even today the Naba Ratna (nine - spired) Gopinath Temple still stands and so does the Jal Tungi (water folly), a strange octagonal structure located at a centre of a pond, where the Mondals once enjoyed the cool breeze.

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