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Chinese New Year, Calcutta (Kolkata)

The Chinese settlement of Calcutta dates back to to 1780s when a trader named Tong Achew set up his sugar factory near present day Budge-Budge. The place today is known as Achipur, after Tong Achew.

The Chinese soon deserted Achipur and are presently settled in Tangra & Territi Bazar regions of Calcutta.

The Calcutta Chinese community celebrates the Chinese New Year in traditional way complete with dragon & lion dances at Tangra & Territi Bazar.

Celebrations are held at Achipur on the two Sundays after the Chinese New Year, with the entire Chinese community of Calcutta merging at Achipur.

Candles are lit in the Chinese Temple housing the deity of Khuda & Khudi. All sorts of things such as fruits, wine and whole roasted pigs are offered as offering.

Also candles are light at the horse - shoe shaped grave of Achew, which overlooks the Hooghly.

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