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Calcutta Architecture

On August 24, 1690 an ambitious trader, Job Charnock, of the British East India Company landed in the village of Sutanuti (present day North Calcutta) never to return. Although Charnock died two years later, but he combined the three villages of Sutanuti, Govindopur & Kolikata to form the city of Calcutta.

Within a hundred years Calcutta came to be known as the "City of Palaces" and later on went on to become the second city of the mighty British Empire.

Although many of the palaces didn't survive the test of time but many still remains remainding one of the glourious days of the city.

Even today one can walk walk past long flight of stairs, under projected portico and through arched gateways in the shadows of towering spires & clock towers.

In this album I have tried to bring forward the Colonial heritage of our very own Calcutta (Kolkata).

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